Introducing Poppy

You may remember this was our surprise arrival just prior to Christmas – (see Our present from the universe!).

We have been trying to decide on a name since. But getting a family consensus hasn’t occurred with ease. Every day we would each offer a new potential but nothing seemed to fit. It needed to be short – 2 syllables max and with a strong crisp sound. What had the right vibration that captured the essence of our wee gift?

In our minds (yes that concrete mind again) we ‘really needed’ to get a name sorted. Heaven forbid that we would be calling kitty, kitty forever. Names in a hat and having a neutral person select one was our next point of call.

6 weeks of contemplation for a masculine name.

Imagine our surprise when we are told earlier this week that he is actually a she! No wonder none of our names felt right.

Poppy was one of the first names suggested initially in recognition of the joyous playful energy, springing bouncing and had a thread to the poplar trees she was found under. But felt too feminine for a tomcat.

I believe that Poppy was an intuitive prompting – a soul or spirit whisper.

I also believe our intuition was speaking to us all as we continued to feel that the other names didn’t fit.

And then at the perfect time, a vet confirmed her gender and now she has a name!

All in perfect Divine timing. Welcome Poppy!

Real-life application

Sometimes we have can such right brain certainty, that we overlook our intuitive feelings or get frustrated by delays. Here are my suggestions to help be guided by your intuition and be more patiently at ease:

  • Pay attention to what is being presented to you and check in with your body. How does it feel? If it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. None of those names felt right because their energy didn’t match the feminine quality of who Poppy is.
  • Remember that the universe works on Divine Timing and this is often very different from our personality-driven time frame. Take a deep breath and know that when the time is right, it will all unfold as it is meant to. Trust me, I know first-hand, frustration doesn’t make it happen more quickly! You can try turning your attention to something else, so your energy is not continually focused on what’s not happening. Cleaning out a drawer or cupboard works well!


With love as we allow the perfect unfolding of the Divine Plan and trust our intuition more, even in the face of left-brain logic!