This card (from the Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild), was one of the ‘Resource’ cards in my oracle spread for 2018 and thought the message was worth sharing.

From the book:
“There are moments on the Path where conflict arises and struggles emerge. This can be part of the experience of life on the physical plane that actually helps us raise our vibration to find unity and yet still honour our individuality. 
There is a spiritual light within, a light of peace, that can be brought to bear on any situation or struggle, an energy of peace that can transform even the deepest conflict through blessings of the divine goddess, Kuan Yin.
Peace does not mean avoiding conflict or pretending that struggle does not exist. Peace is the light that flows when we are able to step above the illusions of separation, competition and conflict, to seek out the consciousness where we are in fact all one in Divine Love and we are all serving the Path of Light – in our own unique ways – together. 

It takes a mature Soul to call in peace because it is not a way to avoid conflict, it is a way to use conflict as a spiritual tool through which to grow and become bigger than the conflict.
It is no longer about right or wrong, it is now about stepping up into peace and resolution..” 

I loved the wording ‘Stepping up into peace.’

A reminder to rise above the lower vibrations of blame, projection and resentment and find a higher way to respond and engage. A powerful resource to call upon for the year.

There can be much wisdom in simplicity.

And so it is a simple message I share this week!

May we all rise up into peace

With love and joy



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