Energetic Formulations & Sacred Healing Events
I’m confident you will find something to support you on your journey

Support your emotional wellbeing and spiritual growth

Sacred Plant Remedies to heal and restore wellbeing, Room and Aura Sprays to clear physical spaces or join us in sacred space on our Women’s Workshops and Retreats

'Your weekly inspiration emails are the only ones I read of the many of that kind that I get. They are nice and short and I don’t have to scroll down to get the point. They make me think a little differently' - Louise


I can help with

  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Lack of joy in and with life
  • Living more intuitively
  • Feeling lost in your life
  • Moving on from pain and clearing trauma
  • Restoring faith in yourself and life
  • Coping with stress and grief
  • Taking the next step forward

Looking to untangle and free yourself?

Soul healing or mentoring sessions will help you reclaim your power, confidence & sense of self
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