Energetic formulations to help restore balance & peace and clear energy
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Wellbeing Products

Support your emotional wellbeing, spiritual growth and clear emotional space with sacred plant remedies , and room & body energy sprays. Easy ways to create order and equilibrium.
  • Personalised Room Spray

    $ 49.99

    Promote peace and harmony, invite abundance and success, or initiate movement and healing with an energy enhancement spray. This personally tailored room spray will help you bring new energy into a space and your life. Includes high quality essential oils (organic where possible), specifically selected to support your intention.

  • Personalised Sacred Plant Remedy

    $ 30.00

    A personalised blend of flower essences to help you restore emotional and energetic balance & harmony. Please include your birthdate and details of what you would support with in Order Notes at checkout.

  • Gift Voucher

    $ 100.00

    Gift vouchers are the perfect way to say thank you, acknowledge someone special or lift someone’s spirits. These beautiful vouchers are truly a gift from the heart.

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