Intuitive Intention Workshop

Your soul and spirit pathway of flow and manifestation

Discover your way forward for 2018

Tired of the buzz around new year’s resolutions?

Join me for a soul and spirit led New Year workshop to creatively give form to an empowered life for 2018.


Here’s the chance to do it differently – the intuitive creative way

Working with ritual, oracle cards, sacred plant medicine and creative visualisation and guided meditation, the dynamic process of my Intuitive Intention Workshop will help you uncover your deep desires for 2018 and create the pathways of flow for these to manifest.

All in the company of like-minded, equally beautiful souls. Sounds pretty divine.

When: Saturday 20th January 2018
Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm
Venue: Northwest Auckland
Cost: $200
Earlybird: $150 (valid until 10th January 2018)

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Tune into and work with rhythms of power and attraction

2018 is a 2 year and has the energy of cooperation and balance. What better way to start the year than in co-operation with spirit and a balance of the rational and creative? It is also an 11 year which I always think is the number of true Interdependence – when we stand in the fullness of who we are alongside another, equally standing in their fullness

Just quietly, this is my desire for the world. A world we will all stand in our truth alongside each other. It is also a core foundation of all my work. To empower you to grow into your own interdependence.

11 is also significant in that on 16th February 2018 we, move into Chinese Year of the Dog. This is the 11th sign in the Chinese zodiac. Don’t you just love synchronicities?

Work with the powerful forces of your intuition and spirit to set your year ahead


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