Evolving Soul Collective

Powerful personal and spiritual development for today’s woman

Ready to experience deep and lasting transformation?

Perhaps you’re tired of riding life’s rollercoaster, struggling with relationships, or simply yearning for something more.

Do you desire to walk a spiritual path full of daily magic but still grounded in reality?

Are you looking to move on from challenges, pains and disappointments and find a new sustainable way of being in the world?

There is another way to ‘do’ life

What would it be like to stand in your power, feel confident in your decisions and navigate life with ease?

What would it be like to meet challenges with courage and grace, knowing you have the strength and resilience to handle whatever may come?

What would it be like to let go of the struggles of the past and experience a life of miracles, wonder and joy?

All this – and more – is possible for you

And that’s why I created the Evolving Soul Collective

This unique personal discovery and spiritual mentoring group is perfect for those with a commitment to personal evolution and a desire to find a way through the craziness of life, a way through that is based in the soulful and the spiritual.
It is a ‘by invitation’ opportunity for women ready to journey deeper, do life differently and form meaningful connections with other like-minded beautiful evolving souls.

Embrace life

Discover your own magical keys for living

Connect to your soul family

Build your power base

Trust your intuition

No more dramas

 You can expect to:

  • Discover your own magical keys to life – the incremental actions that will transform your world
  • Expand your power base, connect to your intuitive or higher self and effortlessly attract magical synchronicities
  • Work with ritual, guided meditations and sacred plant formulations to strengthen your intuitive processes, find the answers within and develop your inner power
  • Explore and experience for yourself the underlying truths and magic of nature and energy
  • Learn to trust your intuition, the universe and the Divine Plan and have faith in your ability to make the right decisions for you
  • Operate more from a heart-centred and compassionate, neutral space – no more dramas!
  • Connect with and be held by the nourishing embrace of your tribe or soul family – those who really ‘get you’

You will experience profound personal growth in a way that feels fun, sustainable and nourishing

Simply life-changing

This is just what I've been looking for!


Your monthly mini-retreat

Consider my Evolving Soul Collective your regular monthly mini-retreat – an ongoing timely oasis of spiritual and soulful support for your journey of self-discovery and pathway to power.
Each month, you’ll benefit from the wisdom of over 20 years of learning, teaching and experience in personal transformation and empowerment across a range of healing modalities. You’ll build increasing levels of personal power, strength, joy and freedom – all in the company of other beautiful evolving souls.

The extras included with the Evolving Soul Collective package

Soul sister connection

Private online group for deeper connection and support. Powerful nourishing soul food and foundation for lasting friendships.

Live video group

Regular monthly 1hr live Q&A and discussion group call via Zoom. Recorded so you can catch up if you can’t join us at the time.

Magical potion support

Bespoke sacred plant energetic formulation each month for each member to support growth, evolution and healing

Ready to commit to your journey of self-discovery and pathway to power?

To be part of this powerful monthly commitment to your ongoing spiritual and soul growth?

To be held in the embrace of beautiful women just like you?

The time has come to live YOUR life anew

Don’t waste another day,week, or year feeling worn out, lacking confidence or anything less than your magical self.

Join us in the Evolving Soul Collective so you can finally step into your personal power, find deep spiritual connection and live life on YOUR terms.

Personal growth and spiritual development is a continual process of growth and evolution. With each unfoldment, a new and deeper level of awareness is attained, bringing new joys and challenges

Being part of The Evolving Soul Collective will sustain your shifts and growth and help you enjoy life as a magic carpet ride – diving deep into a life of joy. A life full of adventure, twists and turns.

Details for your diary

Runs: March – November
When: Saturday around the first quarter moon phase
2018 Dates: 24th March, 28th April, 26th May, 23rd June, 21st July, 18th August, 22nd September, 20th October, & 17th November
Time: 9.30am – 3.00pm
Venue: Northwest Auckland
Cost: $500/mth (Payment options are available – please ask)
Deposit: $100 secures your place (non-refundable)

EARLYBIRD SPECIAL: Make your commitment before 1st March 2018 and pay just $350/mth

Evolve | Embrace | Enjoy

Do life differently!

Thanks to the support of some amazing women, I have a new and healthy way to live my life. I know that I have choices in the  way I think and feel, so I’ve let go of the past and am open to new possibilities. I’m a strong and courageous woman who can hold my ground with grace and dignity and I’m standing in my own light, knowing that all of me is OK

Deb has a huge knowledge base, is very intuitive, highly informative plus she will assist you to put new things into action.

Thanks for this last 9 months, I’ve enjoyed every month. I’ve learned more about myself and remembering, allowing and acknowledging the Goddess within has allowed the magic to return. I’m seeing things through fresh eyes, my inner knowing has strengthened and I trust myself and my instincts a lot more.

Was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I have grown in every direction. Debbie is an amazing facilitator. Thank you is not enough. 

Such extended workshops aren’t that easy to find. The opportunity to be part of this group, with like-minded women was so supportive. The learning and discussions, laughter and tears were such a valuable part. It’s so cool being with people and thinking: “These people really get me.”

Debbie is straight talking and has the ability to quickly get to the heart of the matter. She is very grounded which can be unusual in this field. Often the term airy-fairy is appropriate but not in Debbie’s case

Evolve | Embrace | Enjoy

Embrace a new way of living

Enjoy a new way of being


Evolving Soul Collective

– your pathway to power

Join us