Evolving Soul Collective

Ongoing powerful support for you

Ready to experience deep and lasting transformation?

Perhaps you’re struggling with relationships, tired of riding life’s rollercoaster, or simply yearning for something more.


Personal growth is like a fern frond unfolding

It’s a continual process of growth and evolution. With each unfoldment, a new and deeper level of awareness is attained, bringing new joys and challenges.

That’s why I created the Evolving Soul Collective

This personal discovery and spiritual mentoring group is perfect for those with a commitment to personal evolution and a desire to walk a spiritual path in a grounded and practical yet magical way. Our goal is not to reach any particular destination, but to share an ongoing oasis of spiritual and soulful support and wisdom, so that we can sustain our shifts and growth.

Through 10 monthly gatherings over a year, I share the wisdom of over 20 years’ of learning and experience in personal transformation and empowerment across a range of healing modalities.

We explore the underlying truths and magic of nature and energy. You will work with guided meditations and sacred plant medicines to strengthen your intuitive processes, find the answers within and develop your inner power.

Consider the Evolving Soul Collective your mini-retreat – your regular sacred space to breathe, deepen your connection to self, spirit and your truth. You’ll build increasing levels of personal power, strength, joy and freedom – all in the company of other beautiful evolving souls.

As we find our way back to wholeness through a willingness to release, let go and forgive, heal ourselves and restore the Divine Feminine to its rightful sacred place of power, we play our part in transforming the world and those around us.

Cost: $500/mth
Begins: February 2018
The monthly gatherings will take place on a Saturday around the first quarter moon phase.
Time: 9.30am – 3.00pm
Venue: NorthWest Auckland
Includes a 30ml bespoke sacred plant energetic formulation each month to further support and integrate evolution, growth and healing.

Thanks to the support of some amazing women, I have a new and healthy way to live my life. I know that I have choices in the  way I think and feel, so I’ve let go of the past and am open to new possibilities. I’m a strong and courageous woman who can hold my ground with grace and dignity and I’m standing in my own light, knowing that all of me is OK

Thanks for this last 9 months, I’ve enjoyed every month. I’ve learned more about myself and remembering, allowing and acknowledging the Goddess within has allowed the magic to return. I’m seeing things through fresh eyes, my inner knowing has strengthened and I trust myself and my instincts a lot more.