Evolve Retreats

Deep nourishment, nurturing and growth


Each year, I hold an intimate, 3-day women’s retreat at a beautiful location north of Auckland.

While your healing journey is a unique and individual process, being part of a group enables the healing to occur more quickly and at a deeper level. I call it ‘The power of one multiplied.’

Although each retreat has a different focus, my workshops and retreats all have an underlying theme of space, connection and unfoldment. You will experience:

  • Space for you to breathe and be
  • Deep connection to self, others and nature
  • Nourishment of mind, body and soul

Together, we create and hold a sacred space, allowing your own healing and growth to occur. This healing can be immediately obvious or it may gently integrate over time, but when it occurs it will be powerful.

With a balance of reflection time, connection to nature, creative expression, release, joy and a gentle process of discovery, unfoldment and empowerment, you will leave renewed, refreshed and reconnected.

Join us and hear the call of your soul, the song of your spirit.

Date: TBA
Price: $650 for 3 days (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon)
All meals and accommodation are included


The weekend was hard for me but I have come away treasuring every moment. Deep within myself I am so much calmer and my new reserves are now acting as the much needed buffer I needed to deal with the current changes in my life.

Whatever happened over the weekend has allowed me to move forward from the quicksand and see the next steps in my journey (which I will need to come and see you about). It is still early days, but I am enjoying a more even keel. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Once I know my reserves are well replenished, clarity is my next journey, releasing my brain/heart from the numbness that has surrounded them and acknowledging my own strengths and abilities.

With deep respect