1:1 Soul Mentoring

Stop over-thinking and find a clear way forward

Do you ever feel like there’s no space to breathe?

You’re worn out, overwhelmed and so, so tired of all the juggling.

You’re trying to think your way out – it’s just not working…


Discover a way forward

Work with and me to let go of the guilt and find the clarity and the confidence to make decisions that are right for you. Learn to work with your natural strengths to find solutions where once you only saw obstacles or uncertainty, and bring peace and harmony and new energy to you, your relationships, and your life.

Imagine an hour of sacred space just for you

Let me hold the space for your soul's whispering

Together we work intuitively – with your higher self

We chat and clarify what your intention is and may use Oracle cards to shed additional insight and uncover a deeper level of understanding and direction for the consultation.

In line with the new age that we are in, the shamanic processes I work with operate at the highest spiritual level available, include you – the client, and work with the power of light via sacred plant essences to enable healing to occur with gentleness, power and integration.

The goal is to resolve, shine light on, or heal whatever is directed by your higher self.

I may also help you to understand the energetic and universal cycles and rhythms that are at work in your life. Often this understanding gives a greater level of empowerment as we see the positive and negative as both holding gifts for greater internal power, healing and transformation.

I’m here for you.

To hold the space so you can see what I see –


Your wholeness

Your perfection in your imperfection

I find the guidance & insight is always on point and leave feeling nourished, understood & intuitive. I would highly recommend anyone seeking any guidance on any area of their lives to see Debbie.

1:1 Soul Mentoring

60 minute consultation: $150

Includes a take home, sacred flower essence blend
(30ml – approx one month’s supply)

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