Becoming Power-full

The miracle of the time we live in today is that we all have the opportunity to become self-fulfilled and empowered. We are moving away from the old paradigm of power which was ‘power over’ (another) to a new way of ‘dominion over’ (self).

When we have dominion over self, we have no need to take power from another. We don’t need to make someone else small or wrong for us to feel empowered and powerful.

The old paradigm of power includes the obvious outworkings such as abuse, control by fear, ‘might is right’, I’m right – you’re wrong. It also includes less subtle behaviours and actions. These include emotional manipulation and blackmail, gossiping, judging, criticising, sarcasm, belittling and mocking, giving people labels, and even having expectations on how someone will act or behave.

All of these take something away from a person. Their self-esteem, their potential for full expression, their respect, their dignity, their light – their power.

Instead of judging and putting our interpretation onto another or a situation, we are being called to have dominion over self. To suspend our judgement, to see another’s light, to see the bigger picture – to be responsible for how we use our power.

To become power-filled.


  • Strive to remain neutral. Refrain from adding your opinion into the mix.
  • See beyond the projected pain, anger etc to see the soul behind and ask what does this person need? Often love and kindness or maybe a compassionate, non-judgemental ear.
  • Be vigilant about how you speak or think about another. Focus on their strengths and positive qualities rather than the negative. (I am not condoning abuse here. If in an abusive situation, get out and get help and support from the appropriate agencies).
  • Check what emotional investment you have around that situation or person. Does it serve you in some way to be angry or upset with that person? If they are …, then you don’t have to change, do the work, take responsibility for….
    For example I can’t do …. because of the government, my parents, my partner, the economy, my children, society etc. They aren’t stopping you – you are stopping you.
  • See the less positive aspects of a person or situation as a reflection of self and go to work on that aspect in yourself. Remember that we live in a sea of energy and what you do affects those and the world around you.

I’m all for us each standing in our own power so we don’t have to take it from others. How about you?

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