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Meditations, video snippets, favourite reads and my choice of oracle cards.

A little help

Life is busy and I know how hard it is to keep your balance and centre.

To help, I offer you a variety of short videos below to help you find the ease, and calm within as well as some of my favourite spiritual books and oracle cards that help keep my feet on the path. Trust you too, gain a little inspiration, insight and support.

Guided Meditations

These simple short meditations are intended to help you move back into heart.

Video thoughts

A few of my reflections to prompt your own reflections

Some of my favourite spiritual reads and oracle cards


Some oldies and some newies, but goodies all the same. 

Change Me Prayers

Tosha Silver’s unique style of storytelling and prayers sparkle with humour and a good dose of hope. Surrender was never so easy! A real gem.

Outrageous Openness

Tosha Silver’s first book helps us move beyond our ego and give the reins to Spirit. Her inclusiveness of all expressions of Divinity offers a wide appeal. 

Song of Increase

I found this book incredibly heart-warming and dripping with the honey of truth. It left me in awe at the part bees play in the wellbeing of the world.

You Can Heal Your Life

The pioneering definitive mind, body/emotion text of our time by Louise Hay. A must have for any bookcase.

Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa

This is my ‘bible’ for working with the First Light® Flower Essences. The magic and wisdom contained within is mindblowing. Highly recommended

Creative Visualisation

This book was one of the first spiritual books I ever purchased that re-enforced my belief in the magic that abounds.



Deepak Chopra shares ancient sutras in a specific sequence to support modern understanding and experience of our power to create miracles.

The Mists of Avalon

One of the few fiction books I have read. An interesting take on the legend of Avalon and King Arthur.  A big read – 1024 pages.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are an excellent channel and tool for your intuition or higher self. Some of my favourites.

Kuan Yin Oracle

These are delightful companions to connect to the power of the Divine Feminine. Each card includes a meditation and prayer of invocation.

Wisdom of the Oracle

The simplicity of the images and keyword promotes clarity for your readings. Includes relationship, prosperity & reversed card interpretations.


Wisdom of Avalon

When deciding to buy these, I pulled a card. The Lady of the Lake affirmed my decision. Cards include Animal allies and markers for the trail.

The Fairy Oracle

These are a cornerstone of my spiritual practice. I pull to card to overlight each month and a daily card to see what energy I need to work with or be aware of.

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Some of these books and cards have an affiliate link to  If you purchase via these links, I will receive commission.

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