Nothing in life is permanent, it is said that change is the only constant.

Do you hold on tightly to the known and expected or relax into the change and let go?

Buddhist monks actively create intricate beautiful sand mandalas with total focus, commitment and intention, then destroy to reinforce non-attachment. To reinforce the truth that nothing is permanent.

I enjoyed this understanding by Noah Rasheta: “Rather than thinking of non-attachment as not attaching to things, think of it as not allowing things to own you. What things own you? Those are the things you’re attached to.” (

What attachments are brought to your attention this week?

How does your ability or inability to adapt to change affect your capacity to flow with life and find the beauty in the moment?

How much energy do you have still invested in the past? Past relationships, circumstances, unrequited dreams, pains and hurts?

Let us observe with compassion and allow our attachments be brought to our awareness.

With love