Do you know we are consistently given the opportunity to see miracles and magic in the everyday?

One of my great delights and passions in life is seeing these for myself but the true joy is helping others to see these too.

Following on from last week’s blog: Stepping up into Peace – Kuan Yin’s wisdom, Love has continued to come through as a common theme and yesterday this message came through loud and clear in several ways:

  1. First up, I chose the Prayer Feather card from Denise Linn’s Native Spirit cards as my morning card. It suggested sending love from your heart to everyone you meet for that day
  2. A friend then invited me to accompany her to a market. (A lovely bit of connection). While driving to meet her, I asked that I be filled up with love. What a beautiful exercise. Filled to the brim with joy and no hunger for anything or from anyone – Bliss!
    To experience this for yourself –

    • Ask that you be filled up with love
    • Put your attention on your heart and get a sense, feeling or knowing that it is pouring in and filling up your heart. That’s it!
    • Enjoy!
  3. At the market trying on rings, I saw the word Love written in one of them. Of course, when I looked again, the writing was no longer there, instead just white scrawly colour

What magic!

An example of the magic and mystery of the universe/spirit/God at work.

Real living – real application

And while this in itself is all very well, what is the ongoing impact or outcome of this magic?
What is the relevance for ‘real’ living?

Upon my return home,

  • I kept my heartfelt and heartful focus and did not get drawn into wounded ego dramas that I can be so easily dropped back into with my family
  • I was able to honour my own needs without feeling guilty

My experience is that our growth forward is incremental. It is lots of little things that become the turn-keys for a new way of being or living. Paying attention to and noticing the magic and synchronicities is one of the turn-keys.

These can be big or small, but it is the bringing of these into your world that makes a difference. Remember the adage – “Where you put your attention, energy goes?” Synchronicity journals are superb for this. They keep our attention on the magic and help us to reinforce and trust our intuition if we note all the intuition promptings we are given.

But wait there’s more! 

This morning in meditation I saw what I imagine a fibre optic cable to look like with all the fibres (energy, creativity, money, power, intuition, health, etc) independently flowing but with love as the initiating or driving force for and behind all of these.

So this week, LOVE is the word!

Wishing you an abundance of love within and magical synchronicities

With ever-increasing love and joy