Sometimes you just have to get lost in order to find your way.

Today’s world provides many ways to get lost. We can get lost in busyiness, responsibilities, FOMO (fear of missing out), worry, obligations, pressure, the newest relationship, project, drama, must do’s, the fear of failure, letting people down. And so the list goes on.

But the beauty of getting lost is that at some stage you stop fighting and become still.

Ahhh, says spirit with a sigh of relief. Now you will hear. Now you will know what to do.

The transformative power of chaos and disruption

As some of you know, this year has seen a number of unexpected events and their respective doses of chaos and disruption thrown into the cauldron for me. I have felt incredibly stretched to capacity at times and as another circumstance came my way this month I finally had no words to share. The only time in over two years I have missed sending my weekly inspirations.
Every time I sat down to write, the thousand ideas and thoughts would vanish. The threads I would normally pull together disappeared like tendrils of smoke dissipating into thin air with just a faint lingering of their memory remaining.

I had lost my way. I had lost sight of who I was – the truth of who I am, not the ‘I need to be this person’ lie that we often mistake for the truth.

Luckily spirit had it all in hand and a plan!

Sacred Remembering and back on the path

I was blessed to facilitate a powerful weekend of Sacred Remembering for ten incredible women this weekend just gone. To witness the openness, growth, courage and sacred power of those women was an absolute honour. I felt and still feel immensely humbled by the experience.

As is often the case, Spirit did a little work on my own sacred remembering as well. I was reminded to go back to my foundations. Reminded for the nth time to slow down, to let go, to be receptive and allow the inflow.

This overload and disconnect was shown to me in many times in a variety of ways.
My phone kept running out of storage space. Filled to capacity.
Several times I enrolled in some online learning opportunities and the very day I went to start them, a matter arose that needed my direct and immediate attention. 4 times this happened! Hmmm.

When and how did I get so busy and stressed? When I forgot that spirit has a plan and my job is to show up, be still, listen, and then do what needs to be done. To do Spirit’s will not mine.

When I forgot that spirit has a plan and my job is to show up, be still, listen, and then do what needs to be done. To do Spirit’s will not mine.

As a result, you may find me sitting more often on the step in the sun with my cat and a gorgeous cup of herb tea as I rejoice in the joy of simply being alive and open to spirit’s promptings, rather than being at my computer all hours trying hard to … do whatever it is that takes me away from who I am.

So where have I been?

Down into the underworld to retrieve my power and my essential truth.

And now?

Since the weekend I have felt so grounded in my role as a holder of space for others to grow and remember their truth. It is wonderfully nurturing and gloriously sustaining. A beautiful side benefit of the work I do!
There is much to do I am sure, but I am pushing less and opening more.

You can too

If you’d like to remember your own truth and power, or you are feeling lost and your back is against the wall, I’d be honoured to hold the space for you to find your own connection to spirit’s well of deep nourishment . You can book your consultation here

Many blessings as we discover the truth in and about ourselves. May we know ourselves to be the incredible love-filled and fearless spirits we are.

I’d love to hear below how this has this helped you embrace more stillness and claim your own truth.
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Time to be still and hear the voice of spirit