The next full moon is Friday 25th June at 6.39am NZT at 3° Capricorn.

Capricorn gifts us aspiration, achievement and responsibility, is an earth sign and the ruler of the 10th house – the place of our vocation and career.

With Capricorn, we are gently (or maybe not gently!) called to get our foundations in place.

From strong and stable foundations, great things can be built. ‘Structure gives freedom’ might be the affirmation for Capricorn and its ruler Saturn.

Perhaps this full moon is a time to consider your work and place out in the world?
What plans are percolating in your consciousness?

A point of balance

There are also several things that occur at this time of the year – we have just had the Solstice (winter here in NZ and summer in the Northern Hemisphere) and we are coming to the halfway point in our Gregorian calendar year.

So a point of balance.

It can be a good time to reflect on the last 6 months. With the Capricorn focus on achievement this is a perfect time to review what have you achieved so far this year.

I would suggest that as Capricorn can be a bit of a hard task master (they are one of the hard workers and high achievers of the zodiac), it is critical that we look back to acknowledge and celebrate what we have done. This acknowledgement and celebration allows a positive foundation to go forward with to implement those plans!

Mercury in the mix too!

Mercury moves out of retrograde today (Tuesday) but will essentially be stationary before moving forward so still a perfect time to review. And you can review more than just the last six months if you feel the need! No limit 🙂
If you need some support for your review, try my Annual Review sheet here.

Perhaps you can review any foundations or structures in your life that need firming up?
Or is there a call to create a new foundation? A new system or two that creates more freedom?

It can be something as simple as creating a meal plan so you know exactly what to buy at the supermarket each week, or as a friend recently did, purchase some containers to hold small items such as socks in her walk-in wardrobe – creating order and an easy system to find those smaller bits and pieces.

And taxes – who knew?

Capricorn is also associated with the material world and with tax due on 7th July, a perfect ally to support getting this type of material responsibility completed.

How are your structures supporting you?

The sign a full moon occurs in is always the opposite of where the Sun is currently in eg at the moment we have just moved into Cancer. A full moon can shine the light on what needs to be integrated to bring balance and full expression.

Cancer is associated with the moon, emotions, our home, the past, the mother, mothering and nurturing.

Perhaps a valid question for this full moon is:

How are the structures in my life supporting me and my emotional needs?

Do I need to implement or attract new structures that will support me – emotionally, physically, mentally, financially?

So lots of questions for reflection this month!

Ceremony notes to help you work optimally with the energy

The full moon is a time of peak energy. The days leading up to it are a great opportunity to work with the building energy to consolidate your dreams and intentions. Think of it like kayaking a river. The building energy is like a river flowing high and fast. You need to pay attention to your direction and ride the flow. Not much paddling per se required, just a little tweak here and there, but a good degree of focus.

Having a clear intention will help you ride the flow and keep your ‘kayak’ upright.

Suggested ritual activity

You will need:

  • Details of what you wish to create or attract or transform
  • Candle
  • Lighter or matches
  • Anything else that helps create a focused sacred space – eg:
    • crystals
    • incense or essential oils
    • symbols
    • items or gifts from nature
    • oracle cards
    • pictures
  • A glass of water for completion
  • Space and uninterrupted time for 15mins

Ritual format

  • Centre yourself – Breathe in for 3 breaths following your breath in … and out… relaxing deeper and deeper with each breath
  • Light your candle. (I usually hold the intention that I am calling in and honouring spirit and all my guides and helpers when I do this)
  • Affirm and feel into your intention by:
    • Feeling how it would feel if this came into being
    • Seeing how it would look
    • Getting a sense or knowing of the outcome and effect on yourself, others, the world
    • What would you being doing?
  • Sit with this for a few moments – allow your being to fully embrace this knowing
  • State the following: “I now call upon the Universe/Spirit/God to manifest this or better for the highest good of all.”

Once completed, allow yourself a few minutes to integrate, meditate or you may like to journal.

Then knowing you have sent out your intention, take a sip or two of water and return back to your daily life.

You could also use oracle cards to determine where your focus needs to be, what you need to let go and what you need to bring in. See suggestion below.

Oracle Card Suggestion

Select 3 cards. (These can be from the same set or different ones).

  1. Overall theme or influence
  2. Supportive energies – what can be relied on, what may come into play, how to create forward movement
  3. Energies of attention – maybe where extra focus is needed or what may be need to let go of

Look with ‘wide’ eyes to see if there is an underlying unconscious message.
Is there a common thread or theme?


Full Moon and crystals

The energy peaks at a full moon so this is a great time to energise your crystals. I recommend putting them out the night before so this would mean on the evening of Thursday 24th June.

I’d love to hear what was transformed for you this full month. Just let me know in the comments below.

Many moonful blessings your way!

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