With a client today, we talked of the magical language of the universe – the language of symbols and synchronicities.

Spirit is always talking to us, but is rarely heard with the linear concrete mind or seen with eyes of logic. It requires a different way of looking at life.

Today my personal fb account was hacked. A one-off occurrence which appears to have been resolved.

I have also recently been the recipient, via one of my email addresses, of a frustratingly large amount of daily spam emails. And yes, there is, I believe, a logical reason for this influx.

However, nothing occurs in isolation.

Let’s look at the commonality of these two incidences:

  • Etheric – ‘on the airwaves’ or energetic in nature
  • Uninvited messages
  • Unwanted invasions
  • Rubbish coming my way
  • Both avenues of access are old, and used infrequently

On some etheric or energetic level perhaps I am vulnerable to unsolicited intrusions…

Is this highlighting a boundary issue?
Is it time to clear out the old?

I have been evaluating the value of and reducing my use and engagement with facebook as there are many aspects that do not sit well with me – particularly messenger which is how the hacker was contacting my fb friends.

Is it time to sever ties with fb?

Or perhaps Mercury in retrograde is creating a bit of communication and technology havoc?

I love mysteries (probably why I enjoy studying the esoteric – the ultimate mystery!), and pulling threads together, to see the relationships and underlying truths. So using my spirit vision, I am tracking to see what the deeper messages and insights may be for these intrusions.

How can you start applying spirit vision to your life?

How can you start to see, hear, and feel, the symbolic language of spirit?

What might those co-incidences, recurring signs or symbols be telling you?

Let’s expand our perceptions and engage with the magic!