Whether 2017 has been a year of challenges, new opportunities, more of the same, or a combination, it will have provided some foundations for 2018. These may be some learnings and insights gained or clarity on what you want to do differently.

For me personally, this year has been a year of unexpected endings, deaths, disappointments, different focuses and selfless service.

Not all of these were part of the plan in December 2016.

One of my goals this year was to get my house in order. Those who know me will know that my lounge has been in a state of readiness for redecorating for a wee while. But this year, much to my bemusement I have instead been required to get two other houses ‘in order’ – creating a bit of order within the chaos, with mine still remaining undone.

Sometimes you just gotta roll with it!

Life happens

In brief, some of the chaos of 2017 has been the passing of one of my sisters and my mother-in-law, the euthanizing of our family dog; care and responsibility for my maiden godmother suffering from dementia, including a period of care within our own home, and transitions to two care homes; the birthing and subsequent pausing of a business project, (as the focus and energy was increasingly required elsewhere); the clearing and sale of two homes within 12 weeks, all whilst running our household and holding space for clients, and my children as they both embark upon new chapters within their own lives. It’s been busy!

Despite being hesitant to share this (as this often then becomes the story of who we are, or by which we or others reference our interactions and experiences by), I have chosen to do so, not to evoke sympathy or to initiate comparisons, but to confirm that yes, life happens. It happens to us all. To varying degrees and at different times.

With a focus and intention to meet life and its challenges with as much grace and resilience as I can, I have drawn strongly on the tools in my basket, (including First Light® Flower Essences, oracle cards, my spiritual practice and connection to the divine, journaling, affirmations), and my faith in a greater universe and plan.

What tools do you need to help you meet life’s challenges? (See my newsletter from last week about the collective power of women option I am offering next year.)

How do you see life’s challenges?

My aim is to always see what growth and gifts, situations and experiences offer and the end of year is a perfect time to consciously decide what I want to release and what I wish to take forward to next year.

This year the gifts are:

  • Greater levels of wisdom, experience and understanding
  • A more open heart – a deeper level of compassion
  • The importance of self-care
  • The power of friendship, affirmations, and connection to spirit
  • The opportunity to redefine my practice and my message

What am I looking to bring in for 2018?

  • To be more at ease with surrender
  • To live increasingly more in the moment
  • To work smarter
  • To increase my group work with women committed to soul growth

As I embrace the end of 2017, it feels like the veil has lifted and the sun is rising.

How about you? What have you learnt?

What will you do differently?

What is waiting on the horizon for you? 

Whatever your year, there are always gifts to take away. Join me for a free 30 minute, live energy releasing online group event to gain the most from 2017 and make the most of 2018.

Closing the Door on 2017 – Releasing so we can embrace

When:             Tuesday 19th December 2017
Time:               12.30pm
Duration:         30mins
Where:             Online – zoom recorded event
To book:          Reply via email to deb@debbiegillespie.nz and I will be delighted to send you the link

Connect with your intuition and inner wisdom to discover the gems of 2017 and seed in your intentions and potentials for 2018