Take the opportunity this weekend to celebrate with pride and confidence your uniqueness with the full moon on Saturday 24th July at 2.37pm (NZST) at 1° Aquarius.

Aquarius is an air sign and associated with individuality, uniqueness, freedom and innovation. Walking the path less known, being different, seeing and creating a new vision.

With the Sun having moved into Leo the day before on Friday 23rd July (NZST) this full moon offers us an opportunity to connect into and celebrate our own unique individuality.

What delicious aspects of your unique self are waiting in the wings to be discovered and expressed?

Aquarius asks us to be free thinking, humanitarian and non-attached. With the influence of Aquarius we can break from the restrictions of tradition and mass consciousness. To see and be in the world in a new inclusive and unique way.

Perhaps some valid questions for this full moon are:

  • How do I express my uniqueness?
  • If I was embodying my individuality, what would I be doing differently?
  • What ideas do I have percolating within that might like to see the light of day or be voiced?
  • When was the last time I celebrated ME?!

To work with the energies of the moon, you can download a Full Moon Ritual Ceremony pdf here. 

Once in a blue moon

We have two Aquarius full moons this year. The next one which is known as a blue moon is next month on 23rd August at 29° Aquarius just after midnight before the Sun moves into Virgo at 9.34am.

How lucky are we?

To have double the opportunity to be the unique leaders and radiating the joy of that. You could think of this week’s full moon at 1° as the start of an unfoldment and the blue moon at 29° as the completion.

I believe this is a great opportunity to celebrate and connect in with our own uniqueness and the leadership of that. For we certainly need more innovation and humanitarian vision. xx

Great reasons to work with this week’s full moon I reckon!

What will you be planting?
What energy will you be calling in and working with over the next lunar month?

I’d love to hear what magical uniqueness you celebrated. Let me know in the comments below.