Help my brain is full!

Help my brain is full!

Do you know that feeling?

When your brain feels so fried and full that bits keep dropping out?

Or perhaps your body is giving you ‘the nudge’ as it no longer performs or supports you as it always has in the past?

Last Thursday was the first meeting of a recently set up mentoring group. This group was initiated to support a small group of women who are looking to contribute to the world with their truth and voice.

One woman’s soul yearning for time away was tangible. She was ‘full up’ with life and had little, if anything, left in the tank.

Being constantly on the go or demanding of ourselves – physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually is counterproductive.

‘Non-productive’ time allows the nervous system to relax and your inner voice of intuition to be heard. This gives us the energy to move forward and clarity on the direction to take.

Trying harder won’t get us there.

Doing it differently will.

Need a little assistance with creating some down time or clarity in your life, contact me and I’ll be happy to help!


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