Hmm… Routine, cripes – run for the hills!

Are you like me?

You only implement important key routines and behaviours once the chips are down and you are facing the hard stuff?

As a young woman, I was easily bored by routine and while would engage in begrudgingly, would constantly yearn and look for something more exciting and stimulating. Routine = Boring!

I am always open to signs from spirit. And this week, it has been in the form of 2 x reminders of routines to set your day and your life.

I am a frequent journaller as this helps me process and connect with the Divine, my higher self, and helps make sense of the world. But the two prompts from spirit showed me where I have been inconsistent with some other key actions. Despite being more mature these days, the youthful hangover is a habit of only remembering those ‘turn-keys’ when my back is against the wall and the going is a bit rough.


Benefits of a daily routine

I am well aware of the importance of regular routine:

  • From an Ayurvedic perspective, it soothes Vata which looks after our nervous system – a must for managing stress and busyness
  • Regular incremental actions (Routine!) create sustainable and long-lasting change
  • Connecting in and ‘being’ actually creates more space, time and ‘in the flow’ opportunities and synchronicities
  • Discipline is the key to freedom

So where was I being inconsistent?


Affirmations and Actions

I certainly believe in and implement affirmations, but my realisation was that once life is sailing along smoothly, the affirmations also drop away.

When there is a degree of ease in life, particularly after a period of strain, I realise that I unintentionally lie back on my ‘lilo’ and float down the stream. Now I am an advocate of resting and relaxing when appropriate in accordance with the rhythms, but interesting that I can keep lying on that lilo until such time as I am tipped off and have to start swimming!

A little bit of paddling to keep the momentum going is the action – the ‘sustain and maintain’ part of discipline. For me this is conscious visualisation every morning not just when I am aware I need to shift things.

I am generally upbeat and positive but there are times when my smile and halo slip, and I am less gracious.  A regular routine of connecting, affirming and partnering visualisation to ‘ground’ in the affirmation would support a more gracious me. It keeps my vibration high before the wave hits. It would mean my shamanic journeying is even more effective – less dross to wade through first.

How about you?

What does your regular routine look like?

What key aspects get dropped off when the going gets tough, or easy?

Need help?

Try my ‘Set your day up 5min meditation‘ or another of my resources,

These prompts might also assist:

Which of these can be or needs to be incorporated into your daily routine, your weekly routine?

And don’t forget an ongoing regular mentoring consult with me is a valuable discipline and commitment. You can book here.  Or perhaps you are best supported regularly alongside fellow souls? Consider my Evolving Soul Collective to help you keep on track in the company and healing embrace of like-minded women just like you.

With love and in discipline!