With 2017 seeing a number of lives close to me move into the next phase and the subsequent clearing out of property, memorabiliia and treasured items, the reality of what we leave behind and hold onto has been highlighted. What happens to those precious treasures inherited and held on to for a lifetime as a connection to the past and loved ones when there is no-one to remember? No-one with similar associations? For one, the memories too have gone so the attachment to physical items has no relevance.  Does this mean they have no value now?

This combined with my eldest finishing school life in a few weeks, has contributed to a number of conversations:

  • What is the measure of success?
  • What is the worth of a life?
  • When did the expected and the norm become ‘right’ and the only way?
  • How often our potential for soul-satisfying success is compromised by trying to fit into somebody else’s or society’s expectation of what we should be, have or do.


A successful life

What determines a successful life? The accumulation of things? – memories, money, friends, family, knowledge, experience? Is it the memories or legacies we leave behind? – material, emotional; pain, guilt, joy, inspiration; traditions? Is it the achievement of goals? The contributions we make?


A life well lived

I had the delight of seeing ‘No Ordinary Sheila’ over the weekend about Sheila Natusch – a woman of gentle spirit who walked her path in the world in her own way. Her indomitable spirit shone through as she shared her gifts with the world contrary to the norm of the day. In an environment where you had to write ‘scientifically’ she shared her joy and love of the natural world in her own words and drawings inspiring many young students along the way. Her enthusiasm for life, which had its own share of hardship, was a delight and inspirational. From a lifetime of pursuing her passions and interest, at 91 and ill she still smiled and sparkled with the joy of living.

To me this is the measure of a successful life

What’s yours?


Imagine if we all did that which was directed by our heart and our spirit?


We are here for but a short time, so how will you live your life?

Me? I love teaching so expect to see more offerings heading your way!


With love

What’s your measure of success? I’d love to hear your comments below!