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In this busy and chaotic world that glorifies bigger, better, more, or as a result of past trauma, we can easily lose our connection and our way. Enter overthinking, overwhelm, uncertainty, feeling over-responsible, that you no longer fit, guilt, no space to breathe, and exhaustion from all the juggling.

What if there is a way forward? A way to come home to yourself. To your beautiful Feminine Heart.

I’m Debra Gillespie, spiritual alchemist, soul healer and women’s wholeness mentor.

The power and beauty of the Feminine Heart lies in its intuitive wisdom, creativity, compassion, connection and loving peace. Together we’ll work to let go of guilt, move beyond overthinking, overwhelm and uncertainty, release the past and find an empowered way forward where you live an enriched life from your intuitive, courageous and fierce feminine heart.

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Mentoring and Coaching, Energy Healing, and Flower Essence Remedies for empowerment, direction and clarity

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Soul Group Workshops

Be held in sacred space and connect with other gorgeous women via group workshops, spiritual circles & retreats

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Support your highest wellbeing with personalised sacred plant remedies and energy transforming sprays.

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Meet Debbie

Life’s hard sometimes. Between juggling life and responsibilities, it’s a wonder you can breathe. 

But help is at hand.

I help women just like you find your wisdom and truth within, move beyond overthinking and overwhelm to live a life of magic, joy, courage and peace.

To live from your Feminine Heart.

When we work together, you’ll (re)discover your ability to live an enriched life, find clarity and calm within the chaos and the strength and courage to discover your purpose and path.


I feel like the weight of sorrow has been lifted from my heart and feel positive and happy again


Definitely helped me resolve issues and release old trauma that I thought I had dealt with, in a loving positive way. Supported me energetically, helped rebalance and ground me.

Debbie has a real gift for helping people wherever they are on their journey. She has encouraged and inspired me through some tough times in my life

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I'd love to help you find it
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